A Review on Toluna.com - Scam or Legit

A Review on Toluna.com – Scam or Legit?

Toluna.com is a company that deals with market research and it pays people to take online surveys on various products and services. It pays for taking online surveys and other various activities. It is a free online community that was founded in 2000 in Paris. It brings brands and consumers from 57 countries together through rewarding surveys.
This platform serves companies and brands by helping them in automate research processes that give them feedback from their consumers. It also serves ordinary consumers by giving them a platform to give feedback on products and also knows more about products by viewing feedback from other consumers.


Joining Toluna.com is really easy. You just sign up as a new user. You can sign up using an email account or log in through a Facebook account. After that you learn more about the site by going to the help page to help you get started. Even before joining Toluna.com, one can be better acquainted with the site by navigating it before creating an account. This helps you know what you are signing up for before actually joining the site.


A Review on Toluna.com - Scam or Legit


1. Toluna surveys

These are the main ways of making money on Toluna.com. There are many surveys and their accessibility goes up to 10 weeks which means that time is not a limiting factor. Any time you log in you get to do a survey. The surveys usually come with a reward attached to it which enables you to know how much you will make from each survey you take. Another good thing with surveys on toluna.com is the fact that you get to earn 200 points from merely attempting a survey even if you didn’t qualify for it. This means each survey you take is not a waste of time but it is an opportunity to earn some money. Sometimes a person can get email invites to take up a survey but mostly you have to log in to the site to get more surveys.

2. Testing products

Toluna.com sometimes offers you an opportunity to participate in product testing. This does not earn you money however you are able to keep the product under test after the testing and giving a feedback to Toluna.com. This is something too in the sense that you get to have a product without paying for it.
3. Sponsored polls
These are polls on certain topics that earn you points when you answer the questions on the topics. They give small rewards but then these points boost what you earn from taking up surveys.
4. Creation of content
Toluna.com being a community enables its members to create content and interact with one another. Members can create content or participate in topic discussions and battles. Each content created earns up to 1000 points and this is rewarded manually. Not only does this opportunity enable you to enhance your skills on content creation but it earns you money. By just doing what you love and enjoy you get paid.
5. Contests
Toluna.com offers different contests to its members. One of them being the quarterly sweepstake. One enters to such contests by buying tickets using points earned from doing surveys. The prize of every contest is usually really big. In addition there are other contests on Toluna.com that earn you extra money and it does not cost you anything to take part in them. For example a contest on photo sharing and the winner with the best photo is awarded.
6. Toluna wheel
This is mostly based on a person’s luck. Toluna wheel is a daily game that is always on Toluna.com. A person wins some extra points by just spinning the wheel. What you win merely depends on your luck.


Every survey you undertake earns you points and these points are either paid out in cash via pay pal. You can only receive payment through PayPal if you have an account with them. Another way to use the points earned on Toluna.com is by using them to get entries on the monthly lotteries offered by Toluna. It is important to note that points earned expire after every 16 months hence it is good to exchange these points with cash as soon as you hit the exchangeable target.


· A lot of available surveys
Toluna.com has a good number of available surveys to its members at all times. One does not have to wait for long before getting surveys. Also the fact that you can get surveys on your mobile phones as long as you have your phone signed up for them makes it even more interesting and it increases your chances of earning good money.
· Its Global
Toluna.com is global both in the sense that it is available in many countries and also available in their local languages. Unlike other online survey sites that only offer surveys in English, Toluna.com has the surveys in the local languages for various countries. This ensures that language barrier is not a problem and any person anywhere in the world can join Toluna.com
· Mode of payment
Toluna.com pays through PayPal which is very reliable and trustworthy. Also there are other ways of using the points earned like entry to sweepstake lotteries or gift vouchers, hence it is convenient.
· Easy to use
Toluna.com is easy to use in that they have a detailed help page that offers helpful information to new users.


§ Expiring points
Points earned on Toluna.com expire within 16 months after earning them. If you do not meet the target points within this period then you start losing them.
§ Payments can take too long sometimes
In some countries delivery of rewards or payments could take longer than expected and this could be very inconvenient. However this depends on the country.


Is Toluna.com scam? Of course NO! It has been in existences since 2000 to date and that clearly shows it cannot be a scam. Only legit businesses can survive that long. Toluna.com pays for its surveys, it is therefore legit and not scam.
Online surveys done on Toluna.com take time and effort. For you to earn good points you must put on quality time. You can’t expect to make a fortune from using Toluna.com but you can be assured of making extra cash that will top up your other income.

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