An In-Depth Review Of OpinionPLUS – A Popular Survey Site

What exactly is OpinionPLUS? happens to be an active market research community which has been built with the members in mind. It offers unique opportunities to the members where they are able to provide their feedback and also receive cash rewards.

The surveys provided by OpinionPLUS along with the perceptions of their members play an important role in shaping the future services and products which are marketed across the world. Once you become a member of the site, you’ll be provided with a brief set of questions which will help the site to send you qualified surveys in the future. It will be possible for you to get points once you complete any particular survey. After reaching 1,000 points, you’ll be sent $10 by the company by means of PayPal in the subsequent month. It is as simple as that!

Is OpinionPLUS scam or legit?

It is a fact that every survey panel site has its own critics, and OpinionPLUS is not an exception to that. However, many of these sites deserve the reputation that they should have. Here, we like to mention that it will not be fair to criticize OpinionPLUS before giving it the opportunity to prove itself.
While the site is comparatively new, it has been backed by (Opinions 4 Good) OP4G which happens to be an organization having A+ BBB rating. Although the surveys which are sent by OpinionPLUS are limited in numbers, members are claiming to receive new survey invites on a regular basis. However, several members have asserted that they have not received points into their account even after completing several surveys. Nevertheless, this issue can be fixed easily by coming in touch with the support staff. It is natural for any site to have technical issues given that it is comparatively new and we must be patient for the company to fix those in the near future.
Although the site will not pay you a considerable amount of cash, it would be possible for you to generate some money easily to pay your bills. Moreover, the automated withdrawal method implies that there is no need to monitor anything at all.

How much is it possible to earn from this site?

It has been reported by the previous users that the amount paid by OpinionPLUS is not a substantial one. In fact, it will be hard to come across any $10 or $50 survey opportunities with the site and most of them will amount to only several dollars. However, it will be possible to add up the amount in the long run. Moreover, it will not take much time to complete the surveys and the pre-qualifiers are quite short as well as easy. As a result, it will not be difficult to generate cash from the OpinionPLUS surveys in case you are a bit meticulous.

When will you get paid?

It will be possible to make withdrawals every month and you simply need to have a minimum balance of $10 for that. There is no requirement of submitting any withdrawal request and once you reach the withdrawal amount, the company will automatically send the funds to your account the next month. In case you do not receive the funds in spite of reaching the necessary withdrawal amount, it will be advisable to contact the customer support without making any delay. They should fix your problem immediately.
Once you register for the site, you’ll be sent a survey via email completing which you will get 200 points. In this way, you will be able to generate $2 immediately without much problem at all. The answers provided will help OpinionPLUS to match you properly to the future survey opportunities that are pertinent to your interests. Following this, it can be expected to receive at least 2 survey invites every single week. Consequently, it won’t take long before you’ll be able to withdraw $10 via PayPal.

How frequently will you receive the surveys?

You can always expect to receive new surveys on a semi-regular basis. It is a fact that the site will not keep you busy throughout the day, but you should check your inbox every now and then so that you do not miss out any opportunity of completing a new paid survey.
Besides this, you might like to think of expanding to other similar get-paid-to websites out there. This will help you to diversify your time while generating some revenue as well. You can participate in a paid survey invite and then perform other tasks too. You simply need to prioritize those tasks which are more rewarding.

How long will it take to complete a survey?

On most occasions, you will not take more than 10 to 15 minutes for completing any particular OpinionPLUS survey.

How to generate money with OpinionPLUS?

1. At first, you need to sign up for OpinionPLUS.
2. After joining the site, it will be imperative to confirm your email ID. For doing that you need to go to your inbox and open the email sent by OpinionPLUS. Following this, you need to click the confirmation link so as to confirm and also complete your membership. This step is imperative for receiving survey invitations in the future.
3. After receiving an invitation make it a point to answer as soon as possible given that these surveys come with limited quota.
4. Try to provide honest and accurate information and opinion while completing the surveys.


1. A wide variety of survey invites.
2. Minimum payout threshold is only $10.
3. 100% protection offered by the company for your personal details as well as account details.
4. Automatic payment via PayPal.


1. Only the Canadian and US citizens are eligible to complete the surveys.
2. Absence of any referral bonus.
3. Sometimes it is needed to wait for 2 months to get the payment.
4. It is sometimes hard to qualify for the surveys.

Final Verdict:

Thus, it is evident from the above-mentioned OpinionPLUS review that the site will be a fantastic option in case you are a teenager and would like to generate some handy pocket money. However, you will not be able to rely on it for earning your bread and butter. Overall, it can be rightly asserted that OpinionPLUS happens to be a legitimate and reliable site. Moreover, the site comes with a simple interface and once you reach the minimum withdrawal threshold of $10, the money will be transferred to your PayPal account automatically. There are definitely other better-paying sites on the Internet but OpinionPLUS surely deserves your attention!

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