Everything You Need to Know About the BeFrugal Cashback Site

Online shopping is one of the best things that ever happened to tech-savvy people. The next best thing? Earning cash back, of course! There are hundreds of cash-back websites and apps that have been developed to indulge your frugal self while you enjoy the advantages of buying things for less. These websites and apps are free to use and explore. All you need to do is register and search for retailers or shop where you usually make purchases from. If there are any offerings, you’ll be able to earn a percentage of cash back on your purchases. It’s easy as it sounds, and yes they can be too good to be true.

A very popular cashback website that has been making noise for online shoppers is the Be Frugal.com site. Shoppers want to earn as much cash back as they can get and save money from their purchases. So those who are wondering if befrugal.com is legit, then read this BeFrugal review to learn everything you need to know about this amazing cashback site.

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The BeFrugal.Com

BeFrugal.com started in 2009 as a free coupon site. In 2011, the company established its cashback for online shopping feature, which is quite similar to the eBates concept. Shoppers can join for free and earn free cash through their website. They quickly expanded their platform after the cashback feature as well as their coupon and money saving services. Presently, BeFrugal partners up with more than 5,000 retailers. They even launched their apps for Apple and Android in 2016. Shoppers also get notified about cash back offers from their favorites retail websites. And because of the popularity that the site garnered from across the board, it has been featured in various news entities such as The New York Times, CBS News and others. The site has very positive reviews, and if you want to know more about them, you can simply check theirs About Us page.

Pros and Cons of Using the BeFrugal Cashback Site

There are thousands of cashback sites, and every one of them has their unique features. And they also have their advantages and disadvantages. Based on user feedback and comparison with other sites, these are the best pros and cons of the BeFrugal site.


$10 Referral bonus for every referral you make
$10 Sign-up Bonus for new users
Higher Cashback offers than counterparts offers
As much as 40% cash back
The Best Cashback Rate Guarantee
The site offers a combination of cashback and price discounts
Bonus Opportunities where cashback rates increase for a certain period
Increase in savings with coupons and coupon tools
Live Chat with customer service
Minimum balance to cash out via Paypal


The long waiting period between shopping trips and cashback to reflect
Less sleek and less user-friendly web design
At least $25 is needed to cash out via direct deposit or check.

These few disadvantages with the BeFrugal site is overshadowed by the site’s attractive offers. These do not bother most shoppers and cash out through PayPal is quite more convenient for most users to date.

How Does the BeFrugal CashBack Works?

First-time users can become wary of cashback features and question whether BeFrugal is legit or not. Some shoppers even searched for BeFrugal scam to check whether it is something that they can trust. How can they make such amazing offers and make one feel like they are being paid to shop? BeFrugal.com partners up with online retailers who pay them a commission for helping them increase their sales through the cashback feature. A portion of the site’s earnings is shared to the users in the form of the cashback. This benefits the store, the website, and the shoppers too!

How to Avail of the BeFrugal Cashback Features?

To take advantage of the cashback features and offers of the BeFrugal site, visit their site and sign up using your email, Google, or Facebook account. Create a unique username and password. Once you’ve verified your account, you will be redirected to the BeFrugal dashboard. You can add the site on your browser (for Chrome users), and this will automatically show the cashback offers and coupons available for a retail site you visit. Alternatively, all the cashback deals and store coupons can be accessed through your dashboard. Use the search function to find specific web store or deals you want to explore. Cashback offers and coupons are also searchable by categories. Simply click on a cashback deal, and you will be a director to the retailer site. You will earn instant cashback when you make a purchase this way. The same process goes for using the iPhone and Android apps. They also got great reviews for easy navigation and use.

When Do You Get Your Sign Up Bonus?

Upon signing up on the BeFrugal.com site, users will automatically get a $10 cash back. However, the bonus can be used once users have earned at least another $10 cash back to use the bonus. The bonus will remain in the user’s account for 365 days, meaning users have a year to shop and earn cashback and then use their sign up bonus with it.

When Can You Get Your Cashback?

After shopping from retail partner websites, cash back earnings will show up at the user’s BeFrugal account as Pending. The earnings will remain in the pending status until the retail store confirm your purchase – which takes a few days. Once it is confirmed, the earnings will appear in the Verified section, and this will remain until the retailer pays BeFrugal the commission. It can take around 1 to 3 months for retailers to pay BeFrugal; thus, the cashback will remain in the verified section until such time. The waiting period can be quite frustrating, but it is a necessary step. If a customer cancels an order or return items, then the retailers will not pay any commission. Each retailer has specific store policies on commission, and while there are stores that pay quickly, some take some time to validate the sales.

Once the commission comes through, BeFrugal will move the cash back to the Payable section, and users can access their earnings then. There are four payment options offered by BeFrugal – check payments, direct deposits, e-Gift Cards, and PayPal payments.

BeFrugal Deals and Coupons

Starting as a helpful coupon site, BeFrugal has expanded its Coupons and Deals section. Here, users can find great online shopping discounts, which are very convenient to use. The Deals section is quite straightforward and has specific items from various retailers. They have discounted prices as well as cash back amount. On the other hand, the Coupons section is more in-depth with many different categories. The coupons are provided through promo codes that can be used for online checkouts.

All in all, the BeFrugal.com site as reviewed and based on thousands of user feedback, is probably one of the best cashback sites. Users continuously rave about high cash back offers an extensive list of partner retailers. The sites’ Coupons, Deals, Referral bonuses, and savings offered leaves users no reasons to explore and use it more!

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