An Comprehensive Review Of Decluttr – A Popular Money Making Site

In this unbiased Decluttr review, we will inform you regarding the ways in which this remarkable site will aid you in generating cash from the items that you would have otherwise thrown away. In fact, you will come across lots of authentic ways to earn cash at present which can be achieved from the comfort of your own residence. On some occasions, there is no need to make any significant effort for generating cash since it can be done simply by selling junk items that you don’t use any more. is one reliable site that will help you to market your otherwise useless household stuff on the web without much problem at all. Moreover, the site offers an app that helps to make the entire process of marketing your items very easy.

Review Of Decluttr, Decluttr Scam or Legit

How to get started with Decluttr?

It is very easy to make money by signing up with Decluttr given that you can start earning money immediately after the registration. For this, it will be imperative to sign up by providing your genuine contact info as well as email address. Once you log in, you can immediately start searching for the items and receive a free quote too. The items need to be added to your cart prior to checking out. Once your items have been added, you will have the opportunity of choosing your payment method for the transaction to be completed within minutes.

Once you check out, a free shipping label will be emailed to you that has to be attached to your box. You need to drop the packed box at your local UPS or any participating vendor for shipping out the box without paying anything at all.

Who will benefit from this site?

This Decluttr site is intended for two types of people, one being the purchasers who are searching for used items that are in working condition. The other type happens to be those folks that own those items which they are not using anymore. Decluttr will enable those folks to sell these items for making some money.

The site will assure the purchasers of getting reasonably priced second-hand items which are functioning properly whatsoever. Decluttr guarantees that the objects are still of decent quality in spite of being used. The site likewise maintains a stringent quality control to make sure that the items are functioning properly prior to being posted on the site for sale.

How to earn cash with Decluttr?

Selling your items will the primary way of generating revenues with Decluttr. Apart from this, the site doesn’t offer any other significant money-making programs. A wide range of objects will be accepted by the site that you want to sell to it. These consist of electronic items like tablets and smartphones. It will likewise be feasible to sell books, media items such as DVDs, CDS, as well as games.

You will be able to offer the items for sale simply by filling out some particulars. When it comes to tablets and smartphones it will be essential to provide the model, make, as well as the condition of the item for getting a quote. For CD, DVD, games and other media items you have to provide these items’ barcodes. The items ought to have a barcode since the company will not accept these otherwise.

Decluttr comes with an innovative app which will enable the camera of your mobile phone to scan these items quickly and effectively. If you want to sell books it is essential to maintain them in proper condition since the site will not accept any book with damaged, missing or deformed pages that include notes, highlights, annotations, as well as drawings. The covers or pages of the books must not be discolored or damaged and the front, as well as back covers, must be devoid of any significant damage. Decluttr will not accept review copies or samples.

Last but not least, the site will allow you to offer your LEGO pieces for sale on the site. You have to gather them and place them within a bag which has to be weighed as well. The weight has to be rounded off to the nearest 0.5 kg and it has to be entered into the valuation engine of the site for receiving a price.
Here we like to mention that only genuine LEGO items are accepted by Decluttr at present. For instance, Mega Blocks, K-NEX, or any other types of block toys are not going to be accepted. In case any deformed or damaged LEGO bricks are detected by them at the time of inspection, the site will deduct it from the eventual weight.

You will be provided with an offer after supplying the necessary info to the site. In case you are satisfied with it, the items have to be packed within a box and Decluttr will send it via email for shipment by making use of the Welcome pack. There is no need for you to shell out anything while shipping them thanks to the free shipping label that comes with the pack. Once the items are received, they are going to be reviewed for verifying whether the details provided by you are genuine or not. In case the company is satisfied with the verification process, you will receive the payment the subsequent day.

However, in case the company isn’t happy it can do a number of things. After reviewing any tech item if they come across any problem, they will be providing a new offer. In case this new offer is not accepted by you, the item will be shipped back to you. When it comes to media items, you will not get any counter offer and the items will not be shipped back implying that you won’t receive anything at all.

Besides selling items, the site likewise comes with a referral program too. Once your first order is completed, you will receive a referral code that can be shared with your buddies in case they like to sign up for the site. Once your friend signs up and completes the first order you will receive $5 in your account. In case you use a referral code for registration you will likewise receive $5 once the first order is completed.

Advantages of using the site:

1. Simple to use.
2. You will get paid for the shipping; you simply need to drop it off.
3. Reliable; there is no need to deal with scammers.
4. Comes with a B+ BBB rating.

Drawbacks of using the site:

1. The site does not accept all items.
2. As compared to eBay, the price offered is much lower.

Final Verdict:

This above-mentioned Decluttr review must have confirmed the fact that the site is not a scam by any means. Although the payment might not be that great, one will get the opportunity of selling any number of items that he or she is not using anymore. However, Decluttr is not the only site online that will allow you to sell used items and make some extra cash from it. You will come across several other sites that offer the same facilities as well. But one thing is for sure that Decluttr will not disappoint you in the long run.

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