Fronto App Review, Is Fronto a Good App?

Fronto App is a mobile app that is used to lock the phone’s screen. It can only be used on android devices. The app locks your phone’s screen every time you are not using it for security a precaution that is keeping unauthorized access to your phone. Fronto app also gives you the opportunity of to earn money by just allowing the app to run your phone’s screen and by also viewing ads that come to view every time you unlock your phone. It is an app that helps you secure your phone while giving you an opportunity to earn some quick cash.

 Fronto App Review,  Fronto App scam


For you to have a fronto app, you must first download it from Google play and then install it to your phone. It can only work if your phone is an android device and it is always wise to check the compatibility of your phone to the app before installing it.
After installation you will need to sign up and set up your profile. You can sign up with your Facebook account or email account. After signing up you are good to go and then you can lock and unlock your phone’s screen and start earning points.


Fronto app’s main way of earning points is by unlocking your phone that is by just swiping your screen you earn points. After unlocking your phone’s screen, ads come to view and you may choose to view them or not, either way you get to earn some points. However by choosing to view the ads, you earn more points compared to not viewing them. Viewing an ad gets you earning 30 points and not viewing earns you 20 points.
There are also other ways to earn points by using the Fronto App. For instance referring the app to your friends and family gets to earn you some points as well as the people you have referred the app to. You can also earn points by betting your points to get more points or by completing offers from companies like Fyber, which is a partner of Fronto and earn yourself some more points.
The points earned are redeemed for either cash or gift cards. The points redeemed for cash are paid through the pay pal and those redeemed for gift cards, the gift cards can be used on amazon and other similar brands.


1. Easy earning of money

Earning by using the Fronto App is very easy and fast. One is only required to open their smartphone devices and just like that earn some points. There is no skill required or hard work, just swiping on your phone’s screen and you earn money. It is more like simply waking up and using your phone and nothing more. The app also provides other ways of earning aside from just unlocking your phone’s screen, for instance referring the app to your friends and viewing of the ads gets you earning more points which in return enables you to easily attain your target

2. Easy and free to join

Fronto App does not require any registration or membership fee to be able to use it. You are only required to download, install and sign up and you are good to go. There are no complications in joining, so long as the devices is an android, the app will work.

3. Variety of ways to redeem points earned

Points earned by using the Fronto App can be redeemed and paid as either cash or in form of gift cards. The form of payment solely depends on the person’s choice. This allows a person to use their earnings in any way they choose without any restrictions.

4. Bonus upon registering

The fronto app gives you a bonus of 500 points once you have registered to use the app. This gives you a head start on points which makes it easier to attain the total points needed so as to redeem the point faster and easily. This means after registration you already have 500 points even before beginning to use the app.


1) Can only be used on android devices

The Fronto App can only be used on android devices and there is no apple version of the app. This restricts its usage as people with iPhones and iPod’s cannot use the app. This even restricts the earnings as one can only refer the app to people with android devices.

2) Income potential is low

If you wish to make a decent earning then this is not the way to go. This is because the potential of earning income using this app is very low. To be able to attain the points that earn you the $ 1 minimum payments takes a lot of timer unless you are able to refer the app to many people. It can even take a whole week to get that $1.

3) Filler ads

Since the app is not yet that popular, not all ads you view earn you money. Some of the ads are just filler ads that are not from the advertisers hence making earning money from every ad you view impossible.

4) No longer on Google Play Store

The Fronto App is no longer available on Google paly which is really a bad sign. It is however available on another 3rd-party download site which makes it risky to download it from there.


The App is not a scam has it pays the rewards earned. It is also legitimate opportunity to earn some money has it has already paid around 6 million rewards to those using the app. Fronto App also delivers its promise to send your reward payments. The fact that it does not promise that you get to earn money every time you swipe to unlock your phone or view ads makes it legit and not a scam.


Fronto app is a way of earning money by just doing what you already do that is unlocking your phone to use it. It will not make you wealthy but you get to make some extra cash very easily without too much work. It also ensures the security of your phone. Its only great shortcoming is that it is no longer on Google play store an issue we hope to be sorted out soon.

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