Is FusionCash Legit or Is FusionCash Scam?

What exactly is FusionCash?

FusionCash happens to be a website where it is possible to generate revenues by completing various offers plus taking part in online surveys. We often refer to these types of websites as GPT (get-paid-to) sites, where the users will be paid by the advertisers for getting other folks to sign up for their services or products. In this way, FusionCash is going to share the cash paid by the advertisers along with you, a win-win situation for everybody out there.

Who will be able to use FusionCash?

It will be possible for the users from the United States to use this site from the age of 13 years, while those residing in Canada can do so once they are 18 years old.

Is FusionCash Legit or Is FusionCash Scam?

How can you earn from FusionCash?

It will be possible to earn money from this site in the following ways:

1. Completing surveys:

Replying to surveys happens to be one of the best aspects of using FusionCash. You will be able to generate cash by doing so as long as you get qualified for the offers. The good thing is that this site will always protect your privacy while you answer these surveys. In case you are not able to become qualified to appear for the survey even after spending some of your valuable time, FusionCash will still pay you $0.01 for the effort made by you.

2. Registering for sites

There is an option of signing up for offers while using FusionCash, and this will provide you with the opportunity to try out different products as well as services. You might likewise be permitted to register for some sites and for this you might need to purchase something. In a nutshell, the registration part emphasizes on the requirements of the other folks and will vary according to the tasks. You might participate in trial offers, try out innovative items, and also do some shopping for which the site might pay you provided you access the online outlets via your personal FusionCash account.

3. Making calls

In this section, you will be needed to reply to queries over the phone. First, you have to post the number that you need to call, and then you have to make the call. A certain amount of time will be spent while staying on the phone and you will receive the remuneration after a specific period of time.

4. Video streaming

You will even be remunerated for watching videos on the web! However, this task will take some time as compared to taking part in the quick surveys since you will need to watch videos until the very end. The company will pay you after you have finished watching the video. Unlike the other sites where you need to watch multiple videos in order to be paid, FusionCash will pay you after watching just one video.
It is essential to invest an extended period of time for accomplishing this particular task. However, you won’t be paid for the entire time you spend watching the video clip online, and you might need to devote your leisure time for doing this. Your earning will increase gradually while watching these videos, for example, by 2 cents every video. The positive aspect is that there is no need to concentrate on the video for the entire time since you can perform other chores while the video is being played.

5. Listening to the radio

As much as $5 is being offered by FusionCash to any user who listens to music! For instance, if you have the habit of spending the entire day in your workplace listening to the radio the site will compensate you for doing so. Although it will consume some of your precious time, you will be able to perform other jobs meanwhile and still generate a passive income while earning money from other sources too.

6. Referrals

This feature happens to be the best of all while using FusionCash since it will provide you with the option of generating somewhere between $5 and $8 simply by inviting your buddies for joining the site.

It works in this way:

It will be possible to earn $1 for every single invitation and confirmation by means of the email of your invite. You will generate $2 for each referral who will complete a paid offer. On top of this, you will get $5 each time your referral gets paid.

How and when will one get paid?

$25 happens to be the minimum payout at FusionCash of which $15 has to be generated from completed offers. As compared to most of the other similar sites, FusionCash is not going to charge any fees for processing and as many as 3 pay-out options are available here including direct deposit, checks, and PayPal. Interestingly, the PayPal payment process will help to accelerate the remuneration procedure to a great extent.
Payment approval will be offered by FusionCash on or before 20th of every month after a request has been made for pay-out. Following this, 1 to 5 business days will be consumed to make the payment by means of electronic payment methods. On the other hand, check delivery will consume 2 to 20 business days.

The Pros:

1. Lots of free offers are available.
2. The company is 100% legitimate.
3. Multiple surveys are sent to users every single day.
4. Numerous ways are available for generating cash.
5. Cash out is possible by means of PayPal.
6. Lots of positive reviews on the web.

The Cons:

1. The site is only available for the US and Canadian citizens.
2. A lot of time is needed to earn a significant amount of cash.

Final Verdict:

Thus, this comprehensive FusionCash review must have answered your query – is FusionCash scam or is FusionCash legit? However, one has to be patient in order to be successful with the site. The same rule is applicable to most of the other similar online sites. Nevertheless, an individual who knows how to use his or her spare time perfectly will be able to use this site to his or her advantage. Consequently, if you have lots of free time at your disposal it will be a smart idea to try out FusionCash. You will attain success little by little and you must not quit in case you feel frustrated. Instead, concentrate on your target of earning a significant amount of money on the web by making wise use of the Internet.

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