Is PanelPlace Legit? Read On To Find Out!

You’ll come across plenty of opportunities at present for generating revenues on the web. In fact, there are quite a few websites out there providing different ways to you for doing this. It will be possible to make money by taking part in online surveys, watching videos, completing offers, downloading applications, and doing freelancing, and so on. Of course, all these opportunities are not created equal. While many of them turn out to be a big waste of time, there are some which will not disappoint you after all.

One of these authentic sites happens to be and, in the following paragraphs, we have mentioned a comprehensive review of this particular site. In case you are wondering whether the site is reliable or not, the following review will help you to understand just that. In fact, PanelPlace happens to be a site which intends to connect individuals to different opportunities for generating cash on the web, such as taking part in surveys or performing freelancing work. It is difficult to understand exactly how much you will be able to earn from this site since it is not going to actually pay you. The site will only connect you to different opportunities and the third-party providers will actually remunerate you in the long run.

Is PanelPlace Legit? Read On To Find Out!

How to join PanelPlace?

You will not need to pay anything to become a member of this site and this can be achieved by simply filling out a registration form. For this, you need to visit and click the “sign up” or “start earning” button for signing up. Once you get registered, simply login to your account and go to the Panel store. Here you will be recommended by the site to sign up for some legitimate panels and generate revenues online. Following this, you need to click the “join now” button so as to sign up for the survey panels. It will be imperative to join these sites one by one individually by filling up the respective registration forms. After going to Panel Stores, My panels you will be able to access all the survey panels out there. Following this, you’ll be sent survey invitations and you will likewise receive incentives after completing every survey directly from the survey panel.

Who will be able to use PanelPlace?

This website is intended only for those individuals who are searching for opportunities to make money on the web, learn, or even become more productive. PanelPlace will connect you to other websites offering all these opportunities. It will likewise recommend you to certain websites according to your personal profile as well as information. This actually implies that the site will not actually pay you anything. They will simply connect you to different sites and once you sign up with these sites you will be able to generate cash over time.

PanelPlace also comes with an affiliate program where it will be possible to earn cash. You simply need to make an application to the program and satisfy all the specifications that they are looking for.

How does the site work?

As mentioned earlier, PanelPlace happens to be an authentic online platform which connects individuals to different websites offering lucrative opportunities. It will be possible to test out the website without even signing up. PanelPlace will connect you to authentic sites depending on your age as well as gender. However, in case you would like to go for a more personalized recommendation depending on your personal interests and profile, you will need to register with the site.

The process is very easy and you simply need to provide some personal details including your country, email address, name, a selected password, and also your birth date. You’ll be sent a verification link by the site to the email address provided by you for confirmation. Following the confirmation, the subsequent step will be to select the things which interest you such as paid surveys, lucrative online jobs, health and fitness, managing finances, enhancing productivity, and so on. However, you might skip this step in case you are not sanguine of what exactly interests you. After completing this step, the site will take you to the Opportunities tab where you’ll come across opportunities that match your interests.
In case you like to open up more opportunities, it will be imperative to complete your personal profile given that some of these opportunities provided to you will be based on your profile. After coming across an opportunity you like, you simply need to click “join” and the site will take you to the registration page.

PanelPlace likewise comes with a Social Proof tab which showcases payment proofs of the other members who have already signed up for the site earlier.

However, you will not be paid anything by the site since it will act as a middleman out there. You will not be charged anything since the site will make money by means of referral links that have been recommended by them to their community. How much cash you will generate will depend on what type of opportunity you have signed up for. It is essential to note that you will not be able to generate cash with every single opportunity since some of them are simply tools that can be used for learning or enhancing your efficiency.


1. PanelPlace will connect you with reliable and authentic survey panels.
2. You need not pay anything for signing up.
3. There is a section which enables the user to monitor his or her earnings.


1. The income potential is low.
2. It will be imperative to register twice for taking part in surveys.

Is PanelPlace legit?

After going through this above-mentioned PanelPlace review, it is now evident that the site is 100% legitimate and will provide the members with authentic information which will be useful for selecting companies to work with. Members will be required to sign up for each survey company one by one after filling out their personal profiles. Although this process can be quite lengthy and tedious, the end result will be quite lucrative. In a nutshell, it can be rightly asserted that PanelPlace appears to be a fantastic choice for individuals who like to generate extra cash on the web in a legitimate way.

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