Is a Scam? PointClub Review

The world of surveys is a very interesting one. Those who want to make some money find out that a site that offers surveys for cash is useful. But they have to know what they are doing so they get what they need.

PointClub seems to be what you need. But this website has many drawbacks. You have to be aware of such problems because this will allow you to face the music when it shows up. Sites such as PointClub tend to offer a lot of opportunities for you to make some money.

PointClub is not a scam because they always answer the questions of their users when they complain of any review site out there. PointClub is a legit business, and you have to be aware of this too. We will give you the PointClub review that you need to read now. PointClub might be what you need when it comes to giving you surveys to make money.

Earn Free Gift Cards

PointClub will allow gaining tons of free gifts cards. You can also make money by taking some online surveys. Millions have done the same, and you might be the next one. You will be taking both mobile surveys and desktop surveys.

Get 25,000 on your account so you can get $25 via a gift card. Those who accumulate 50,000 will get $50 on their PayPal account. You can get $5 quickly and easily. Making money here is easy because they have plenty of opportunities for you to make some money.

Increased Reward

You will get more rewards when you reach higher levels. This will allow you to make more money and have more confidence in the power of this site. You have to be wary of this company in many aspects.

PointClub might not give you a quick review of the surveys. They might wait for up to 4 weeks to give you the points you want. That is too much time for many folks out there too. You will have to wait a lot of weeks just to get your money because of the annoying review process.

Low Survey Availability

You will not find a lot of surveys to take here. That is a shame for many people out there because they want to make some money. PointClub has to increase the number of surveys that they are going to provide people with so they can serve the public.

You might be wary of a company such as this one because they might disqualify you for what you have done. Yes, they might do this. They might only take your information and that is all. You might also find out that you will not go anywhere when it comes to getting enough points to truly cash out.


-You might find a wide array of survey opportunities here for you to make money online.
-Fast service.


-You will hate some alerts. For instance, they might tell you that you are not qualified after you have spent around 30 minutes of your time filling out a survey.
-The lack of customer support is another issue that you might have to deal with.
-Another problem is the fact that a survey might take a lot of time to be accredited so you might get your money.

Final Verdict

Remember that PointClub will give you the gift cards that you have been seeking. You will not have to wait for too much to get access to these gift cards because they are easy to get once you have filled out some surveys.

PointClub might give you a headache when it comes to cashing out, but you have to be prepared for this. The problem with PointClub is the lack of customer support. We are not saying that PointClub is a scam because they are not a scam, but you might have to deal with some issues regarding its customer support.

PointClub might also cause a lot of problems with its alerts. Some of these alerts will let you know about a time out that you hate. But you will get the increased rewards that you need from PointClub so you can truly make good money online if you want to. However, you might have some issues when it comes to surveying availability.

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  1. I ordered on May 1 st 2019 from I did not receive confirmation, a scheduled date/ time phrase as to when items would ship. My father used his credit card to purchase for my birthday. I am LIVID!! How do I contact, or come close if not, a glove fit as to getting our money back? I am disabled and will make it my life’s MISSION to get my fathers money back. Please, I NEED feedback!!!

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