Review- Is SureySavvy a legit survey site? is a site that offers paid surveys to it members. That is a person is paid to take surveys. Survey savvy has been in existence since 1999 under a research company by the name Luth Research. Conducting surveys from survey savvy company costs nothing and it is free and easy to join.


Joining is free and easy. One is only needed to be above the age of 14 years and have internet connections that are reliable. To join, you need to sign up and then fill your personal information such as age, location, family members and income into a profile form. These details help in prequalifying you for surveys. works by using the information submitted by people while signing up to select members that qualify to take up certain surveys. The clients of survveysavvy set some certain criteria that is used to choose candidates based on what information they need from the survey. This is what uses in selecting people to take up surveys in addition to the information given buy the people while signing up. Review- Is SureySavvy a legit survey site?

Surveysavvy also have a desktop application that is known as savvy connect, which helps in issuing out surveys to members. The savvy connect is a tool that gathers information about a member’s browsing habits and history on the sites most visited by the person. After collecting this information, they then share it with their clients. If the client finds this information useful then surveysavvy invites you to undertake the survey. The surveysavvy connect filters and automatically qualifies a person for the surveys.

Once a person qualifies for a survey an email is sent to them inviting them to take up a survey. After completing the survey, the attached reward is then credited to you. It is really not a must to have and install the savvy connect as you will still get surveys even without using it. However you are able to get more surveys when you have savvy connect. Savvy connect also provides opportunities for you to provide more information which in return translates to you being more viable for more surveys.


A person earns income from after completing a survey. The amount earned varies from survey to survey. The amount to be earned from a survey is always indicated in the invitation sent to you for a survey. One is only required to answer the questions asked in the survey and upon completing and submitting, the amount is credited to you.

Another way of earning from surveysavvy is incentives paid from referrals. In the referral works in two ways whereby a person earns twice from referrals. You get to earn from direct referrals which are the referrals that you make to your friends and family and also you earn from indirect referrals that is referrals made by the friends you referred.

Once your direct referrals have completed a survey then you are able to earn some incentive and similarly once your indirect referrals complete a survey you get to earn another incentive. The friends you referred also earn from referring others to and the cycle continues. also runs contests and special promotions which provides opportunities for its members to win and earn more income. They ask their members to take part in contests such as the surveysavvy superstar contest. These contests and promotions creates more ways for the members to increase their earnings from
Once a person has earned income that is totaling to $1 and above they then can decide to request for payment. The payment is made by check in US Dollars which is sent to your email. The check takes close to a month to get to you.


1.Their referral system.
Surveysavvy has two level referral systems. This is whereby you can earn from referring your friends directly and also you get to earn from the referrals made by the friends you referred. This is referred to as indirect referrals. This system increases the chances of a person making more money.
Surveysavvy is a worldwide thing in that is available in the whole world. You don’t have to be in the US to be a user of surveysavvy. Therefore this means anyone from any part of the world can sign up with surveysavvy and gets to earn from using it.
3.Better Business Bureau Rating has a good rating with the Better Business Bureau which makes it a good deal in that it means it is safe to use it without fear of it collapsing or not paying up
4.Easy, free and safe to join
There are no complicated requirements to join the You only need to be 14 years old and above and have good internet connections.


1)Payment method
Paying by check is not a convenient way of payment as it takes up to a month for the check to get to you.
2)Few surveys available
At times it takes a very long time before one qualifies for a survey. This makes it unreliable way of earning income as you are not certain when you will get a survey.
3)Savvy connect
Surveysavvy connect tool is a downside of the site in that it infringes on a person’s privacy on what they do online. Sometimes we do not like any other person to know what we do online as it is personal.


From the good rating of Better Business Bureau, and the many years that has been in existence, then it is safe to say it is not scam but very much legit. If it were scam it could not have survived this long. It does pay for the surveys taken.

CONCLUSION is a site whereby you get paid to undertake a survey. It is a means of earning extra cash by just being online. It cannot be used as a sole source of income but it is a good way to supplement your overall income.

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