Review – Is yougov Scam or Legit?

Making money online is one of the most trending subject in 2019. Millions of platforms offer the opportunity to make money online by completing specific tasks that sometimes require skills and sometimes not. Whether you’re a translator or a web editor or else you can make some more money than you think online. But the online task I want to talk about today is making online surveys. There exist thousands of platforms online for this task and one of the most popular one is .
In this yougov review we’ll analyse deeply what’s the platform is really meant for and how it works.

What is YouGov?

YouGov is an international online survey platform located in the United Kingdom and created by Stephan Shakespeare and Nadhim Zahawi in 2010. The latter has resigned from the leaderboard to become a member of parliament. YouGov is part of the British Polling Council and is also registered in the Information Commissioner’s Office. It owns more than 21 subsidiaries around the world.
More than 4 millions members around the world participate in the surveys on YouGov and you can join the community whenever you want.

How to join the worldwide community of YouGov?

You can access YouGov through a website or a mobile app. There is a flag you can click on and that allows you to set your home location. But if you are in UK you just have to click straight on . After this step you click on the JOIN button for you engage in the sign up process where you can use either your email or you Facebook account to create your account.
All this done, you are given access to the first task which is commonly a demographic survey that only takes 4minutes and provides 100 YouGov points.

How to take a survey on YouGov?

Surveys are sent straight to your mail as long as they are posted. You can also access to them on the platform. You are awarded 50 point each time you participate in a survey. Generally the surveys last between 5 and 20 minutes.
Depending on the device you use for the surveys it might be longer or shorter. For instance it takes more time completing a survey on your phone than doing it with your computer. If you’re used to participating in surveys you might be accustomed to being screened out at the end. Well, this doesn’t happen in YouGov. As the surveys are oriented to a certain criteria, you will be receiving more or less surveys depending on the information you provided in the demographic survey.

Dollar Dollar Bill Y’all

This is the part you probably were the most interested in. How to get the cash?
YouGov starts paying starting from 5000 points. 5000 YouGov point is equivalent to £50. Sometimes it happens that you get additional questions after a survey, this gives you some additional point.
You are also free to set your payment plan (monthly or every fortnight). However it might be harder to reach the 5000 points than you might be thinking it is.

Features of the platform

Referral Option

As many of the surveys sites, YouGov owns a referral scheme. You get up to 200 points every time somebody uses your referral to complete 6 surveys. You generate a code that you share with your friends and multiply 200 by the number of folks having used your referral link.

YouGov lottery

YouGov organizes lotteries at times in some specific countries. Every lottery organized features specific prizes. The number of prizes varies from 50 to 100. The first prize is of £2,000 and the last one is of 300 points. Subscription to the lottery is very simple. You just have to invest some of your YouGov points to get in it. After winning you’re contacted by the team and you have 1 month to react before you are unable to withdraw your cash. The first condition before you participate in the lottery is that you should be in UK.

Mobile App

Whether you are running on android or iOS you can quickly access to your YouGov dashboard and complete surveys. This way you are updated each time new surveys come out. On the AppStore before you download the app you should be at least 16 years old.

Is YouGov a scam?

A lot of peps have raised the question of the legitimacy of YouGov. Well after some research we’ve come to have some responses to the yougov legit matter. The privacy policy is very clear and states that your personal information are protected and safe. No risk to have your personal data sold out to some institutions or governments. However critics about YouGov are several on the web. Some claim YouGov doesn’t deposit funds when you request a cash out. Plus some state the phone number on the website doesn’t work. Just consider that YouGov is registered in reliable institutions and you are free to unsubscribe anytime you feel the site is not satisfying you.


-the platform is not adapted to some screen size
-Cash out limit very high
-Rewards are not as good as what other platform propose
-Long lasting survey
-Very hard to have it as a source of revenue since it doesn’t pay well
-15 surveys limit per month


-Adapted referral scheme
-No screening out
-Can be used worldwide
-Not complicated and personal questions to answer to in the form
-Not spam mails in your email
-Supports PayPal and Bank Account


There are a bunch of criticism that don’t go along with YouGov but still some people make a lot of money out of it. It is certainly hard to obtain the £50 payout but with a lot of efforts you can make it.
Check on forums, you’ll realize that plenty of folks that cashed out and you have nothing to lose trying it out. Now if you’re popular, you can generate referrals to all your contact list to accelerate your point entries. Sign up, fill out the demographic survey form, complete surveys, earn and let us know your impressions.

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