ZoomBucks Review - Scam or Legit GPT?

ZoomBucks Review – Scam or Legit GPT?

In this day and age, everyone is looking for a side hustle to make ends meet and what better than to look for a good GPT Site.
In simpler terms, GPT Site means get-paid-to do site. Meaning you have a website and upon registration, all you are required to do is follow some instructions and voila! You get paid.
ZoomBucks (Canadian Based) is a GPT site and was founded by Tailor Vikas in 2010, was operational till 2014 and then took a long break of four years. It again started functioning in November 2018. Why the long break you may ask? I also wonder why maintenance maybe? Who knows?

ZoomBucks Review - Scam or Legit GPT?

How it works

ZoomBucks just like several other GPT sites let you take on certain activities and they use a rather complicated point rewarding system. In simple terms, you get points known as ZoomBucks for any activity you take part in. The points are then used to determine your payout. Though many may say ZoomBucks point allocation system is quite low as compared to other GPT sites.

To get ZoomBuck points, one can do so through;

1.. Online Offers
Here you get to choose between free and paid offers, free offers are quite simple. All you need to do is sign up, like a paid website and that’s basically it, you get your ZoomBuck points. Though, the payout is not as sweet as the deal sounds as it plays out way less than the paid offers. The paid offers require credit card usage, free trials or may require you to buy a product. Note that free trial offers to deal with credit score sites and one must never forget to cancel the membership before they start billing you. The offers may include visiting websites, trying out apps (note that with some apps, you may be required to keep the app for the stipulated time and or reach a certain level.)
2. Taking paid surveys
Surveys, we are all familiar with surveys as most if not all GPT sites employ the use of surveys to earn income as a user. ZoomBucks.com offers surveys through Survey routers and ZoomBuck surveys (Which are derived from survey routers hence no reason to have both platforms). My best guess for them to use two platforms is to maybe make the website look better since most people are attracted by aesthetic value. ZoomBucks added an interesting feature that sends users a reminder though it may be annoying at times. Just saying, this can be regarded as a non-issue as reminders may be annoying depending on your personality, you may find them quite useful.
3. Watching Videos
This I found quite interesting, though it has a major downfall to it as much as it is an eye-catcher. ZoomBucks found a way to entertain Mothers, Shoppers, Gamers and Fashionistas just to mention a few. One can watch videos of their choice and get paid just by doing so. Sounds fun right? Before you give it a go, you ought to know that each video lasts 2 minutes with adverts of length half to quarter a minute and you only get 7 ZoomBucks (Equivalent to $0.007) for watching 3 or more videos. Mathematically, to make $1, you need to watch videos for almost 24Hrs that is a whole day.
4. Inviting Friends
This is seen widespread across several GPT sites. It’s used as a way of encouraging you to get more people using the site, increasing their traffic and proportionally increasing their earnings as a company. It may sound selfish but it’s not, since you get rewarded with ZoomBucks for each friend you invite. The invites uses certain criterion for allocating the points. Countries are divided into 3 tiers each having its unique point rewarding system.
– Tier 1 nations get you 250 points – Tier 2 nations get you 150 points – Tier 3 nations get you 25 points
The only pitfall to this point rewarding system is that you only get the reward after your invite has reached 1000 points.
5. Using Promo Codes
Another way you could increase your earnings is by use of Promo Codes got by following Social media accounts, finding the Promo Codes and entering them, very simple right? Again, the payout for this is not that high.

How you are paid

ZoomBucks pays its clients through PayPal or Skrill.
Point value and payout threshold are solely dependent on the reward type you desire. Sounds confusing? I know. To make myself clearer, let’s take a PayPal reward system.
For a PayPal reward, 1 ZoomBuck is equivalent to $0.001 meaning to meet the $3 threshold; you need to have 3000 Points.
As for Skrill which has a higher point value to threshold ratio, you need 3600 points to meet the $3 threshold.
Note that your intention to use a GPT site should not center on making riches or a full source of employment as they are just good for side hustles.

Working on a mobile platform

ZoomBucks App? Sorry, there is none currently available but the website has been enhanced to work well on handheld devices. Some of the surveys are not optimized for mobile view and may give you the frequent tussle of zooming in and out, which some may find tiresome.

Customer care support

Customer service is rated as poor from several online forums and polls as the repeated mention of no response to mail messages keeps popping up. This means in case you get stuck, it’s almost impossible to get help. Which is not a good thing to hear from an organization you want to trust with handling money transfers into your e- wallet is it?

Pros and cons of ZoomBucks

If you ask for the pros that come with ZoomBucks as a GPT, then I would effortlessly tell you that it is;
– Joining is free – Registration is simple. – Mobile environment optimization helps usage on handheld devices easy.
Though there are a few downsides to ZoomBucks, and they include;
– A very confusing system of rewarding points – Expiration of Promo Codes is quite fast

Final verdict

This brings us to the question of whether ZoomBucks is a scam or a legitimate entity. In my own opinion, I would consider ZoomBucks as a legitimate entity but would not advise you to put all your money and time in it as the main reason for the four-year break is still not known and whether or not it may repeat itself and this time for good is also in the question.

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